Since its founding in 2009, Riraku has achieved sustained growth and now operates 575 outlets across Japan and serves 6.5 million customers each year, making it the largest player in a growing market segment in Japan. Riraku pioneered and developed the low-cost relaxation therapy market in Japan by offering quality relaxation services. The company focuses on suburban, road-side locations, and has grown through new store roll-out and same store sales growth backed by a nationwide network of 28 therapist training centres.

Already a market leader with high customer satisfaction, Riraku aims to grow its network in Japan to around 1,000 outlets and through its partnership with CVC Asia IV enhance its IT systems, and therapist training to offer improved customer service and improved operational efficiency.

We look forward to partnering with CVC to support the next stage of our growth. Their expertise and financial resources will support our continued success as we seek further expansion in the domestic market.

Yukinori Ideue, CEO


December 2017


Asia IV


Relaxation therapy services




Yukinori Ideue