DOC Generici

DOC Generici is the one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in Italy, offering around 180 products across a range of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, gastro & metabolic and neurology.

Founded in 1996, DOC Generici enjoys a strong market position thanks to its asset-light manufacturing model and focus on the Italian retail market. Its national network of 90 sales agents work closely with doctors to provide patients with equal treatment at much lower price points than originators.

Our experienced, local deal team are now working with senior management to create greater value in the company. Working together we've already started to grow its business into new therapeutic areas such as ophthalmology and are reviewing acquisition opportunities of companies in core and adjacent markets – actions that will continue to build DOC Generici’s brand as Italy's best independent generic pharmaceutical company.

DOC Generici has a clear mission that can be summarised in a few simple points: producing high-quality medicinal products at a moderate cost, freeing up economic resources for the benefit of all, and being open to ongoing dialogue and constructive debate with Italian healthcare workers.

Gualtiero Pasquarelli, CEO


August 2016


Fund VI


Generic pharmaceuticals




168 Mio. €




Gualtiero Pasquarelli