PT MAP Aktif Adiperkasa

In June 2015, funds advised by CVC completed the acquisition of a significant minority stake in PT MAP Aktif Adiperkasa ("MAP Active").

Founded in 1995 as a business division under PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk, the leading multi-format retailer in Indonesia that is listed in the Jakarta Stock Exchange, MAP Active is the largest specialty retailer and distributor for sport-related and children-related products in Indonesia with more than 900 stores nationwide.

MAP Active currently markets and distributes more than 30 mid-to-affluent brands including household names such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok under its sport division, as well as Hasbro, Bandai, and Barbie under its children division. The Company also retails affordable/discounted leisure footwear under the "Payless" brand.

MAP Active has developed and owns a number of strong proprietary retail brands that are tailored to different customer demographics such as Planet Sports for premium sports products, Sports Station for mid-market sports products and Kidz Station for children products.


June 2015


Asia IV


Specialty Retailer and Distributor




295 Mio. US$




Michael Capper